Promotional Products by Heritage Advertising

Successfully promote your Business, Campaign, Church, Event or Organization with our Professional Service and Competitive Pricing on our Promotional Products


How To Contact Heritage Advertising about Promotional Advertising Products


Heritage Advertising, Inc.
2915 Bob Wallace Ave SW
Suite A
Huntsville, AL 35805


(706) 374-0710 or (706) 273-5600 - For emery boards, hand fans, T-shirts, pens, pencils, jar openers, compressed sponges, matches, buttons, Frisbees and other promotional toys, calendars, tools, drinkware, healthcare products, bookmarks, combs. 

(321) 253-0424 - For signs and sign-related products, bumper stickers, magnets, parking permits, car tags, door knob hangers and key tags.


Heritage Advertising, Inc.
Telephone: 706-374-0710 or 706-273-5600


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